2021 365: Day 190 (July 9)

So, I’m taking my prompts this year from a 365 book simply entitled “365 Day Photo Challenge”.  The idea this year is for me to take this more seriously, to think about the prompt and actively shoot for it, not just pick a photo that may or may not match.  Yes indeed.  Getting real.  The prompt today is “Gold.”

As I thought about this theme today, Sting’s song Fields of Gold went through my head, then low and behold, on my meanderings today (I will not call it a purposeful walk as I had no purpose except to meet my daily vacation goal of walking, that and not checking my work email met again for nine days in a row!):

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  1. Beautiful idea and fabulous photo.

  2. Love where the inspiration came from and the contrast between the gold fields and the purple flowers is stunning.

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