Countdown to Christmas Challenge – Day 10

Tourmaline .’s 2020 Countdown to Christmas

“Each day in December, up til Christmas, there will be a new prompt. Share a picture, write a poem, write a blog about your day, anything along the lines of the theme will do!”

Today is Jolly.

Sorry, I’m not feeling so Jolly this morning as Elliot is in the hospital.  He’s doing ok so far, but they don’t yet know what it is, so we are just waiting to find out more this afternoon.  I was jolly for a brief time yesterday before we decided to take him in, however, and this guy seemed pretty jolly too.

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  1. Oh, Emily–I’m so sorry.

  2. Crossing fingers for speedy recovery!

  3. Sending good thoughts that Elliot is back home and feeling better really soon. <3

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