2020 Daily Writing Challenge: October 4

And now, from Jo Hawk, the 2020 Daily Writing Challenge, for October 4!

A new month, a new try, a new kick at the can for writing here every day.

I am taking a Creative Writing class, and am free-writing every day with themes posed by our instructor.  So, I am going to post my writings here…lucky you!

Today’s prompt: Write a scene that begins with the line, “The pen hadn’t been worth stealing”

The pen, in the end, hadn’t been worth stealing. If he had not stolen the sharpie off the table after the meeting with his top aides, he might not have been tempted to add that extra circle to the map.   A circle meant to add to the number of people who would receive an untested vaccine.  A circle meant to win votes in swing states.  A circle which led to the extended distribution of said vaccine that in the end caused the zombie apocalypse.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. 🍁🍂🍃 Interesting turn at the end of your story.

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