2020 Daily Writing Challenge: August 8

And now, from Jo Hawk, the 2020 Daily Writing Challenge, for August 8!

For my writing challenge, I am going to be working with daily prompts from the book “The Daily Writer: 365 Meditations to Cultivate a Productive and Meaningful Writing Life.”

So, today is:  Magic in the Details – “Imagine being inside a scary place, such as the unlit cellar of a haunted house or an abandoned graveyard late at night.  Use specific sensory descriptions – of smells, sounds, images, and physical sensations.”

Now, why would one be in an unlit cellar of a house one knew to be haunted? I’ve watched enough scary movies to know that when in a haunted house, you don’t go into the cellar. Now, an abandoned graveyard? That sounds much cooler. If I out aside my feeling that the only really potentially harmful thing in a cemetery late at night would be other people, not ghosts, I will put my sensible shoes aside and imagine.

Not a whisper of breeze disturbed the trees, and a mist creeps through the cold headstones popping up at all angles, some crumbled in piles of stone. A faint glow in the sky tells me the moon is full, but the clouds are determined to keep the light at bay. Wet grass squelches beneath my feet, and a faint smell of moss hands in the night air. I can see shadows moving out of the corners of my eyes, but when I turn all is still, dare I say, as death.

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