2020 365: Day 190 (July 8)

The prompt today is “Insect.”

Or at least somewhere an insect might be found…

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  1. Our sunflowers are now sprouting nicely … about 6″ tall, but will eventually get to 6 feet. But … something is eating their leaves, I think a caterpillar. And … we planted a multitude of small, bee-friendly flowers, but a pigeon … just one pigeon … keeps coming and digging up the seeds and eating them! We do, however, have on flower blooming … a dandelion. Sigh.

    • Hey, dandelions are good for bees … that’s what I keep telling Kevin!

      • Oh, I know! I love dandelions … and clover … for they are beautiful in their own right, and the bees love them. In the back yard, a few days after the yard is mowed, we have a field of dandelions and clover … I always hate to see them mowed down so viciously. :'(

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