Share Your World – June 1, 2020

And now for this week’s Share Your World

Is it ever okay to commit a crime?  Please explain.

Apparently – from what I can tell watching the news over the past 3+ years, it just depends on how much money and power you already have.

Do you deal with change well?  (not money, because I know some wit out there is thinking how bulky coins are. Well I did any how.  O_o  ) 

You know me so well…

Do you like birds?   The sound of bird song in the morning, taking pictures of them, as food?   


What’s the least used item of clothing you own?

Lately?  Anything I would normally have worn for work.

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  1. Thank you so much for participating in Share Your World, Emily!! 😆 at the change question… yes, I think I do know my audience a little 😉 Fun answer!! I liked your answer to the crime question too, sadly it’s accurate. Money talks…..

    And the kitty looks very curious…I bet they were trying to ‘help’ you write your blog, weren’t they? 😆

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