June Writing Prompts, Day 1 – The virtual sea

From Putting My Feet in the Dirt, June’s Writing prompts.

Today, “The virtual sea“.

My life is one big virtual sea, or see.  I work online, well I always worked a lot online being in eLearning, but now everything I do is online.  And I live a lot of my life online.  My meditation starts with an app, my writing is all electronic, I blog, I even am still doing Zoom workouts for the foreseeable future (meaning, until I feel safe enough to go back to the gym).  But I think it’s important to keep the non virtual side of my life going too.  Doing housework (sigh…), working in the garden, hanging out with Kevin and the kitties, and walking down to the non-virtual sea give balance and meaning to a life that has become a bit too virtual these days.

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