Blogging from A to Z Challenge: V is for…Homai Vyarawalla (#AtoZChallenge)

Welcome to my April 2020 Great and Powerful Blogging from A to Z Challenge!

Homai Vyarawalla (1913-2012) was India’s first female photojournalist.  She “broke social barriers as her country’s first female professional photographer, capturing black-and-white images that examined India’s history from its struggle for independence from Britain in the 1940s until her abrupt retirement in 1970 soon after the death of her husband (Maneckshaw Vyarawalla).”  (

Her photos range from intimate portraits to sweeping views of pivotal events.   There are many, many sites for you to explore – the resources I present here are only a handful, so I encourage you to look for more.

Here is one of her photos in the public domain:

Nehru releasing a dove as a sign of peace at a public function at the National Stadium in New Delhi.


Homai Vyarawalla at Wikipedia

Homai Vyarawalla at Britannica

Homai Vyarawalla: A Portrait of a Groundbreaking Photographer

Homai Vyarawalla: The trailblazer who became India’s first woman photojournalist

Remembering Homai Vyarawalla, self-taught firebrand photographer who made her own rules

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  1. Thank you for this. I would never have known about Homai Vyarawalla if not for you and the A to Z Challenge.

  2. That’s a stunning photo of Nehru!

  3. I love this! Thanks for introducing her to us!

  4. So sad that the current Prime Minister of India is dismantling the secular state in favour of a Hindu nationalist one. I have loved your introduction to female photographers and have not yet had time to explore all the posts but I will be doing so now the hurly-burly of the challenge is over…

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