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Jenny Pike (1922-2004) was an Canadian photographer, a servicewoman in WWII, and “was one of a groundbreaking wave of female recruits to the Forces during World War II. She was among the first group of young women to be trained as photographers and photo technicians, and helped to process the first pictures of the invasion to liberate north-west Europe – known as D-Day.” (

I was very interested to read about Pike, as she lived and worked (and died) here in Victoria, where I also live.  But, I was bound to be frustrated in my search for her photography as I could not find any examples.  So, I guess it’s a short post from me this morning…


Jenny Pike at Wikipedia

Jenny Pike at the Naval Military Museum

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  1. Haaaa, Victoria BC, a lot of very good memories! We spend 3 years here, and I miss the city, and the Island 😉 We were on our sailboat, just in front of the Empress Hôtel, and the Parlement. Such a beautiful place…

  2. Too bad you were not able to find any examples of her pictures. It does sound like she did groundbreaking work. Weekends In Maine

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