Share Your World – March 30, 2020

And now for this week’s Share Your World

Pancakes, waffles or French Toast as your breakfast favorite? 


Do you think a person’s name influences the person they become?

Makes me wonder about people who name their babies “Waldo”.  (

Would things get better or worse if humans focused on what was going well rather than what’s going wrong?


Is math something that humans created or something we discovered? Is looking at reality mathematically an accurate representation of how things work?

This question did to my brain what math does to it…


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  1. Thanks for Sharing Your Abbreviated World with us this week! I suppose that’s in deference to COVID-19 and the idea that sharing any space (even virtual) with anybody else for longer than .5 seconds is lethal? Seriously, thanks for the giggle (about Waldo) and that cute funny you shared. Now that people have stopped looking for Waldo, do you suppose he’s out of a job? 😆

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