Blogging from A to Z Challenge: C is for…Julia Margaret Cameron (#AtoZChallenge)

Welcome to my April 2020 Great and Powerful Blogging from A to Z Challenge!

I did NOT think I would get this done today – I have been online literally all day, and I think used every kind of web conferencing system out there for all my online meetings.  But, I am doing this, so it’s short, but hopefully you will find time to explore some more yourself.  Hoping to get ahead of the game a little bit over the weekend….

Julia Margaret Cameron was a British photographer of a different century from the last two photographers I talked about.  19th century all the way!  Born in 1815, Cameron took up photography in her 40s (making me feel better about myself!) and established herself as a portrait photographer, sometimes called one of the greatest portrait photographers of the 19th century.

I was inspired as I read about Cameron, being a female photographer not only at a time when photography was not always well thought of as an art form, but as a women in a male-dominated profession.  Her use of focus and lighting is quite astonishing, and while some of her contemporaries were not impressed with what they termed as her amateurish style, “Later critics appreciated her valuing of spiritual depth over technical perfection and now consider her portraits to be among the finest expressions of the artistic possibilities of the medium.” (

I am able to include a couple of her images here as they are in the public domain:

Beatrice, 1866

John Herschel (1815-1879)


Julia Margaret Cameron at Wikipedia

Julia Margaret Cameron at The Met

Julia Margaret Cameron: soft-focus photographer with an iron will

Julia Margaret Cameron at MoMA

Julia Margaret Cameron at The Art Story

Julia Margaret Cameron:  An Introduction

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  1. Great pictures! Love the one of John Herschel.

  2. Those photographs are beautiful! And the fact that Cameron took up photography in her forties–I find that encouraging, too.

  3. Herschel was the Uranus guy, right?

  4. She really made the most of light and shadow. John Herschel is exceptional.

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