2020 365: Day 78 (March 18)

The prompt today is “On Your Shelf”.

What is now on the shelf?  Working in my office.  Today my Director told us she was sending us home to work remotely.  I was very glad as our offices are in the campus library, and it was starting to worry me how many people were in there.  But anyway, bye bye office!  See you in a few weeks, I hope.  In the meantime, I will be stationed in our office upstairs with all the equipment I need…as well as Wendell, my emotional support dinosaur.

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  1. Stay well and safe from nasty bugs!

  2. It’s nice you have a home office 🙂 It will be a few years before we have one — and um, we need it NOW. lol
    I’m glad you get to work at home with your rawrasaur.

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