Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #83: Future

Welcome to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge!  The theme for this week’s Challenge is Future (https://lagottocattleya.wordpress.com/2020/02/08/lens-artists-photo-challenge-83-future/).

This week the challenge is FutureShow us what you will paint on Your canvas!

While these are literally images from my past, they are also images of the future, coming soon to a front yard near me!

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  1. I love daffodils

  2. Oh, that gorgeous yellow – and the elegance of daffodils. And it is so true – the past and the present really are one.

  3. Ha ha. Pretty as a picture.

  4. Love your confidence on this one! Sadly my black thumb is insurance they would NOT grow back in my yard 🙂

    • Well, I never planted these guys, nor do I do anything to take care of them. They just keep coming back over, and over, and over! That’s the kind of gardening I like!

  5. Oh, I love daffodils! I hope they are coming very soon to your neighborhood.

  6. I love it when the first daffodils peek up from the ground. Lots of color. Lots of signals that spring is finally here!

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