2020 365: Day 21 (January 21)

The prompt today is “Cheesy Socks Day”.

Not Cheesy….Kitty!!

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  1. I have kitty socks, too!!

  2. Oh Oh Oh !!!! I love them! Not cheesy at all … just Kittie! I must have a pair!

    • Got them from Amazon (I know, but can they be such an evil corporation if they sell kitty socks??)

      • Oh goodie! I thought perhaps you had made them, but I’ll head over to Amazon! Yes, I have mixed feelings … I save money by doing much of my shopping on Amazon, and the convenience is helpful, but … there is so much wrong that I’m seriously considering severing my relationship with them. But first … kitty socks!!!

  3. Oooh kitty socks! So cute! I have a few different pairs, too! 🙂

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