Square Challenge for January: Light (Jan 5)

Here is a new one: A 31-day Square Photography challenge from Becky at https://beckybofwinchester.com/2020/01/01/january-light-1/.

“It would be great if you could join me daily, but you can post whenever inspiration highlights a square. Together we can alight this month with squares of sunlight, penlights, candlelight, searchlights, starlight, headlights, stoplights, taillights, flashlights, moonlight, fanlights, taperlight, floodlights, torchlight, skylights, gaslight, streetlights, and twilight. Or whatever word(s) ending in light scintillates you over the next thirty-one days. We’ve got plenty of choice with more than fifty words in the English language ending in light, and even more in other languages. So whilst I am not expecting any squares of trothplight we can share the limelight under all the spotlights!”

A little firelight for you…

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  1. love the mood of the cat by the fire light…

  2. And a pussy cat 😃

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