Up Until Christmas – Christmas Favourites Blogging Challenge Dec. 17

This December, from the 1st until Christmas Day I will be posting one thing, song, video, whatever, that tells you a bit about what I like at Christmas.  You will laugh, cry, shake your head…oh, let’s face it.  I don’t know what you will do.  But I know what I will be doing!

Let’s make it simple today…and SNL classic!

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  1. How they kept a straight face for this is beyond me!

  2. One of the SNL skits EVER! Alec Baldwin might be Favorite host as well. 😃

  3. Just the best ever funny skit! 🙂

  4. Even though I knew what had to be coming it was still funny when it did. Classic SNL. Thanks for the chuckles.

  5. So funny! Alec looks so young!

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