Up Until Christmas – Christmas Favourites Blogging Challenge Dec. 4

This December, from the 1st until Christmas Day I will be posting one thing, song, video, whatever, that tells you a bit about what I like at Christmas.  You will laugh, cry, shake your head…oh, let’s face it.  I don’t know what you will do.  But I know what I will be doing!

And now, a couple of scenes from my favourite Christmas special!  I did NOT expect to find these on YouTube, but am so glad I did!

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  1. One of the classics for sure. We actually had a Charlie Brown tree one year.

  2. That was cheering!!! Thank you!

  3. You are the Charlie Browniest, Emily! No Christmas is complete without the Peanuts gang.

  4. The Charlie Brown one is my favorite! It’s not Christmas until Linus says his speech. Then season can begin! 😀 <3

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