NaNoPoblano 2019: November 30 – Day 30 – and Caturday!!

Go NaNoPoblano (National Blog Posting Month) ( !

Yes, I’m doing it again (I believe I missed last year, but I’m back for 2019!)  But, this year, the “rules” are a bit different:  Participants are committing to 30 days of blog activities –  10 days of posts, 10 days of reading/commenting, and 10 days of sharing posts through any other platform.

I’m breaking the rules today, since it is the final day of the NanoPoblano blogging November.  I am posting again!  Because, I want to say thanks to Rarasaur and the Cheer Peppers team for supporting this challenge for another year, and the new format…well, it’s been great, both from a less-angst-about-posting every day perspective, and about really taking time to read, comment, and share some amazing blogs out there.

So, thanks again, and we will see you in the blogosphere!!  And now, happy last Caturday in November to you all!

Don’t forget to check out the other amazing Cheer Pepper NanoPoblano team blogs ( and comment!  And, stay tuned tomorrow for a bit of Sharing.

And feel free to join in yourself.  Cheers!!

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  1. I really liked the new format, too. 🙂

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