Kitten Thursday, and I can’t believe it’s August 15th!

Indeed.  It’s already halfway through August.  I guess summer is dead.  Kittens don’t much care, as long as there are sunbeams to sit in during the day, and fire to stretch out in front of at night.

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  1. Yesterday morning, I got up to a dead cricket in the kitchen. Boo (aka Booker T. Washington) likes to pull the legs off of crickets. I found a leg in front of the dishwasher, one in front of the stove, one under the kitchen table, and one still attached. Sigh. I sobbed for a good 15 minutes and gave crickey a proper burial in the trash … sigh … thanks for Kitten Thursday … I needed this kitten beauty …

  2. So cozy! It’s still hot and muggy where I live, even at night, so your photos make me look forward to autumn.

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