Share Your World – August 5, 2019

And now for this week’s Share Your World (

So, warning from our Share your World host: “This week’s Share Your World is rather grim.  More hatred and divisiveness in America, resulting in a lot of innocent people dying at the hands of unbalanced men.   With guns.    So if you’d rather not participate this week, no worries.   Next week should see a return to a more upbeat theme.   All the questions this week are philosophical in nature.”.

I, myself, will participate, but am choosing the questions I answer. My blog is, for the most part, non-political, but I am, for the most part, cynical.  Hence, my answers.

Does life have a reason (meaning)?

Does it really need to?

Will the world come to an end by human hands (man’s actions)?

Oh, probably.  At least the world as we know it.

Will stricter laws make a better world?  Would less strict law make it better?

No, and no.  Laws alone don’t really change the way people think or behave.

If death is inevitable, why bother doing anything?

Because … bacon!  And now, a Kitten!

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  1. Bacon and an adorable kittie … I suppose that’s reason enough to keep on keeping on!

  2. I swear there should have been mention of a balloon in there too though with the kitten’s claws I can understand the omission.

  3. Thanks for Sharing Your fascinating view of the World! You know, don’t you, that I now have that R.E.M song stuck in my head? Thanks and all! 😉 And yes, bacon and kittens and puppies, rainbows, chocolate, the smell of a gentle rain, the silence of woods and mountains, Autumn leaves….there are tons of things that make life worth it. Cheers!

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