The first Caturday in August

And the last Caturday before I go back to work on Tuesday…sigh…

What’s that you say??

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  1. Those are big ears. 🙂 . Very clean too!

    Have a WONDERFUL two days before you go back to work. Emily, if you’d like to talk more about what you do (and bringing joy into it), please reach out! It’s what I do all the time, and it would be a pleasure to offer you a gift to brainstorm about it….totally complimentary because of our connection.

    Give your kitties a pet for me, and hope Kev is doing well.

  2. He is saying either a) “Don’t go, mum, don’t leave us!!!”, or b) “Get ready guys … we’ll have the run of the place again … bring on the mischief!” 🥂

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