Kitten Thursday, what??? It’s August already??

You may think they don’t care, but I think these guys seem a little startled that it’s August already.  I know I am…especially since that means it’s back to the office on Tuesday…sigh…

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  1. Aww so sorry about that! They look irritated for you. 🙂
    Have a great weekend––enjoy it. I see a vision of you going back to work with joy (I’m a coach, I can’t help myself.) . Blessings,

  2. They look none too happy to find it is August, and we are well on our way to Hallowe’en, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, New Year’s, snow and cold … sigh. And to think, it was just last week that I got the last of the holiday stuff packed away! Enjoy your last few days!

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