Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Abandoned

From Something to Ponder About ( and The Snow Melts Somewhere ( here is the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge   Today:  Abandoned.

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  1. A great shot. Did you take it in sepia or use a filter afterwards?

  2. I just must share with you a story about abandoned clothing! One weekend back in the very early spring, we went out and about on a Saturday afternoon. At the first top, near where we parked, there was an abandoned pair of shoes. At the second stop, an abandoned jacket lay in the parking lot. Being of a sarcastic nature, I said to my daughter, “What’s next? Someone’s pants?” At the third and final stop, there were no clothes visible. We shopped a bit, and tiring, I told the girls to take their time, that I would go to the car for a smoke. On my way to the car … lo and behold, there was a pair of jeans tossed carelessly in the parking lot!

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