Share Your World – February 25, 2019

And now for this week’s Share Your World (

What, in your opinion, is the point to life?


What was your most recent lie?  You don’t have to get really specific obviously.

I never lie… Guess that was my most recent one…

What country do you consider the strangest?   (it’s all In fun folks, ALL countries may seem strange to outsiders)

Countries aren’t strange.  Orange presidents are strange…

What’s your funniest story involving a car?

Me trying to get out of a Maserati sports car at the Alfa Romeo dealership.  There’s a reason people my age drive SUVs…


Do you have something you’re very thankful for or that showed immense kindness toward yourself or someone?



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  1. Let’s hear it for SUVs and kittens.

  2. I LOL and LOL at this one! Well done!
    PS: My boss (70 yrs old) drives a Maserati. Currently, it’s in the shop and he is driving an Alfa Romeo.

  3. Kitten love here too 🐱💖

  4. Very, very happy kitty there in front of the fire. And kittens. That’s a GREAT point to life! 🙂 Today I was trying to get out of a relative’s Lexus. Small car and some idiot had pushed the passenger seat almost to the dash board. I could get in, but getting out again probably looked really funny. I paid this person back by passing some unexpected gas as I tried to struggle my way out of the car. Served ’em right too. Thanks for the smiles from your Shared World! Great!! 🙂

  5. When I was 30-something, I was trying to impress a cute member of the opposite sex sitting in the car next to mine by hopping into the car via the window, without opening the door … I was so cool all splattered out on the pavement. And when I chanced a glance at the guy in the car, he was laughing so hard he nearly choked. And thus ended my ‘cool’ days. 😀

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