Just Jot it January, 2019: January 13

“Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 13th is brought to you by Teresa! Click here to find her last SoCS post and say hi while you’re there! Teresa’s word for our prompt today is “undiscovered.” Use it anywhere in your post or make it the theme of your post. Have fun!” (https://lindaghill.com/2019/01/13/jusjojan-2019-daily-prompt-jan-13th/)  These Jots are not only my 500-words a day challenge, but also part of my  Ultimate Blogging Challenge challenge (http://ultimateblogchallenge.com).

Undiscovered.  I feel that there are probably many things that remain undiscovered to me.  Like the reason some people in that country south of us remain committed to supporting a giant peach who shuts down the government because he can’t get his way.  Or why Elliot hates Nicholas.  Or why people like football.

Of course, there are some things in life that may be undiscovered at one point, but that can be learned as one takes the time, for example, how shutter speed, and aperture, and ISO work together on a camera.  Now that was a mystery, but now I understand!  I don’t think that will hold true for the above examples though…

As I wonder what else to say about undiscovered, I began to consider if anything can BE undiscovered.  I mean, sometimes when we uncover the mystery, it is kind of sad, like something precious has been destroyed.  When you discover that the bright lights in the sky aren’t aliens from another planet, but just drones invading your privacy.  Or when you think you see the loch ness monster, but discover that it’s just a big clump of seaweed.  Not that I’m saying it was – I wasn’t there!

One thing I am discovering today is that this prompt is causing me anxiety trying to get myself to 500 words.  So mush so, that apparently I am talking more about discovery than undiscovery.  Like, this crane I discovered yesterday morning when I went downtown for a photo workshop.  I thought I had just missed it last time I was there, but no, it wasn’t an undiscovery, but a newly erected crane hovering over a main downtown street.  That’s when I discovered how much I dislike being underneath a crane.

One other thing that left the realm of undiscovered yesterday was how interesting it can be to flip a picture, especially a reflection, when you’re editing it in Lightroom.  Now, this picture is, believe it or not, a flip.  Not very focussed (I discovered after my workshop that most of my shots were slightly out of focus – maybe I hadn’t had quite enough coffee?)  I really hate it when I get home and see my shots are not sharp.  Guess I discovered I really need to keep working on that!

Anyway, here is my out of focus flipped picture – does it fool you or confuse you?  An undiscovered experiment, now discovered!

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  1. Am entirely confused by the subject of the last photo, but I like the colors anyway. Ooh, arty!

    I LOVE the shot of the crane!

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