Kitten Thursday…post Christmas Edition!

And here we are, the day after Boxing Day.  But I’m still on holidays, this time because, well, working for a post-secondary institution is the BEST when it comes to having additional time off between Christmas and New Year’s,  But, alas, I do go back next Wednesday so I need to enjoy the time off I have left before then…  Fortunately, these guys are helping!

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  1. Ha! That first photo. I think he needs to relax just a little bit more!

  2. I bet they are helping! Too funny, Emily – these pictures are adorable. Enjoy your week off. Happy Belated Christmas!!! 🙂
    Blessings to you and Kev – and kitties of course.

  3. He’s adorable! And that first photo, it could be my Apache 😉

    Happy New Year! May it be a good one for you.

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