Another Kitten Thursday Late

The story of my life. I think they have a better story!

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  1. Oh no! The old ‘eyes closed in the picture’ photo! So cute.

  2. Oh I LOVE this. Kitties sure know how to relax. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend, Emily and Kev. Hope you have a lot of fun and laughter. ~Debbie

  3. Happy Feline Friday and Caturday Saturday from Sylvester the Tuxedo Court Jester.

  4. Scruffy the Backyard Tuffy is being anti social except for the morning feeding Time.

  5. Tonight … er, rather this morning at nearly 5:00 a.m. … I am much in need of a smile, and these guys provided it! They are all great pics, but that last one … that is a classic!!! Thank you, dear Emily.

  6. All such lovely and inviting photos! Thank you!

  7. I would so love to be one of your cats! πŸ˜€

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