1 Thing 10 Ways Challenge: Week 3

Here we are – week 3 (belated) of my 1 thing 10 ways challenge!

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks I know.  But I am still committed to doing this challenge weekly, if I can.  I had a post lined up a couple of weeks ago, but my photo shoot was a bust.  Too dark all around.  Guess I need to work on that for another time!

So, in my Intermediate photography class this term, we have been working on exposure settings and TTL flash.  So, for this exercise, I did a little work with exposure metering and TTL, and threw in some changing ISO and macro setting for fun.  So, here we go!

Here we are at baseline.  I used my 100mm macro lens, with auto focus, but on Manual.  I used the 100 because it’s my only digital lens (besides my kit lens) and the only one I can use TTL flash with.

This picture was taking in late morning, in the master bedroom (which faces south and west) with the light on, the curtains open, and a light shining on this little guy here.  Even so, I needed to us ISO800 with F2.8, and was able then to use 1/100 shutter speed, which was good cause, you know, hand held.   This was with evaluative metering.

Next, I switched to spot metering, metered off little dude’s face, and kept the same settings.

I failed miserably metering off the grey card, which told me to move to 1/25 shutter speed (same aperture and ISO settings).  I think the grey card was not at the right angle so I didn’t get the right exposure off of it.  Something I need to work on.

Next I ventured into TTL.  The next three shots were all at ISO800, F2.8 and shutter speed of 1/60 (evaluative metered).  This first shot was with TTL at -2.0.  It was quite similar to my first shot with no flash and evaluative metering.

I turned up the dial on TTL to -1.0  This one I liked – a little more pop here.

But when I turned TTL up to 0, well, this one is a bit too much!

Then I turned off TTL and decided to throw metering out the window and see what would happen by just turning down the ISO (leaving the other settings at F2/8 and 1/60).  This was ISO400.

And this was ISO100.  I like to keep ISO at 100, so this was a good lesson in letting that go when need be, rather than slowing the shutter speed.  Cause, you know, focus…

Finally, I macroed out.  After all, I was playing with the macro lens!  Here we are at manual focus, 1/30 shutter speed, ISO800, F2.8 (evaluative metering).

And here we are at the same settings (and yes, I moved around a bit…I was struggling a bit with the focus in the macro) adding -2.0 TTL,

My lessons for this term have made me watch metering for exposure much more closely, and I am now starting to feel more comfortable with understanding how I can use the internal TTL flash to make things pop a bit more.  I don’t know what I will be trying out next week – stay tuned until then!

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  1. So great, Emily! Really love your experimenting with photography. It sounds so fun. I was just repeating a quote to a friend this morning – If it’s not fun, why do it? -J-R. 🙂 So good right? Blessings to you and love. Debbie

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