A New Challenge!

I have officially joined Cassia Elisabeth’s (https://cassiaelisabeth.wordpress.com/)  Photography Challenge.  This is a 10-day challenge, starting August 1st, with the following themes:

Day 1. A Coffee Shop
Day 2. Writing
Day 3. A Pool
Day 4. Ice Cream
Day 5. Something Mint Green
Day 6. A Portrait
Day 7. Children
Day 8. A Train Station
Day 9. A Bouquet of Flowers
Day 10. A Donut
Cassia says: “So each day, starting on August 1st, you will post a picture. You can write something telling about the photo if you would like, but if you would prefer not to, don’t worry about it.”  And here are The Rules:
  1. I ask that YOU please take all the photo’s YOURSELF.
  2. Please put a post up a week before the challenge telling your followers about it and please put a link to my post or my blog.
  3. HAVE FUN!

So, stay tuned on August 1st (oh, man…that’s next Wednesday!!) for my first post!!

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  1. Looking forward to it!

  2. Sounds interesting. can’t wait to see your photos

  3. okay. I am with you. Thanks for posting the link cause I want to do this too. Maybe it will help keep my focus on reality instead of thinking I can do a damned thing about the political climate. lol

  4. Yay! Congratulations Emily, that sounds fun. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  5. This sounds like so much fun!

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