What Colour Is It? July Challenge, Day 8

So, I think I’m gonna call this challenge.  I may do this again intermittently through the weeks and months, but I won’t do this daily.  It was fun though, for a few days!

So, from yesterday, Sonofabeach and Barbara!  Excellent job.  White was also a good guess, Eliza!

Thanks to everyone who gave it their best shot guessing the colours.  When the mood strikes, we’ll try it again!

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  1. Hey! Chalk one up to SOB! Finally. 😃

  2. Yay I got one right! This has been lots of fun. I’ll look forward to when you do some more of the guessing games. 🙂

  3. It was fun, one right and a couple of close calls, not too bad! 😉

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