July 5: Pictures I took today

So, today I went for a very long walk (2 1/2 hours) so I could get down to the cemetery.  With me came my new(ish) 100mm macro lens.  The only lens I have, besides my kit lens, that is actually digital.

Ok, macro photography is hard, especially without a tripod.  But at least it wasn’t windy today!  But I had fun and learned that this is a really nice lens – I just have to work on my focus more!!

I know which are my favourites – which are yours??

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  1. I like the waving grasses the best!

  2. Yes, the waving grass! I l also liked the grave stone. 🙂

  3. All of them!!!!!

  4. Sea oats, row at the cemetery, and the red bird with the yellow flower.

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