July 3: Pictures I took today

So, while I am on holidays, my big goal (aside from painting the upstairs bathroom – no, I haven’t started yet…) is to get out with my big girl camera and try out all my lenses and get better at the old picture taking.  So, to help motivate me, I am going to show you all my pictures from each day I go out!  You are so lucky 🙂

Today I walked for about an hour and 20 minutes, taking my tried and true route down to the ocean and then up through Beacon Hill Park.  And the lens for today was the 35-105, 2.8/3.5.  One of Kevin’s old non-digital lens that I use an adapter to connect to the Canon digital 50D.

I had a good time today, although not all the pictures turned out (it’s hard taking pictures of the herons feeding their not-so-little babies with only a 105 zoom and no tripod), but I did get some nice shots (some have already been posted, but I’m gonna post them again), and had some fun playing with them in Lightroom later (someday I’ll learn how to use that program…)

So, without further ado, my pictures for July 3!

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  1. You’re fortunate to be so close to the ocean – it looks wonderful with the mountains in the distance.

  2. I feel like you’re really developing a style 🙂

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