What Colour Is It? July Challenge, Day 2

So, yesterday’s colour was…

Some of you came close (Eliza, Barbara, Anabel, Sarah Jazzfeathers, Jill).  Yellow it is indeed, but with a light purple centre!  These are some of my favourites, and are currently blooming in the back yard.

And here is today’s for you to guess… What Colour is it?

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  1. Ummmm…..orange? 🤔

  2. I’m going with yellow again – and you’re just trying to trick us with two in a row!

  3. I sure like the color of yesterday’s flower! So pretty! Today’s flower…could it be bright orange, with deep purple around, and yellowish center? 🙂

  4. At least I got the purple eye right! My guess today is orange with a black eye.

  5. I guessed purple, but I would have put it the other way round with purple petals and yellow centre. Today? Bright yellow.

  6. Purple and hot pink?
    I don’t like this game. I’m bad at it! 😛

  7. Yellow? Or, orange maybe? 😊
    Blessings, and have a great week, Emily.

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