A to Z Challenge: H is for Humble (#AtoZChallenge)

Welcome to my April 2018 Great and Powerful Blogging from A to Z Challenge!

Today, H is for Humble. 

I like to take pictures of humble things – things that are ordinary, and often just sitting in front of me minding their own business.  Macro shots and post production sometimes enhance the interest of the ordinary, but they are not always needed.  I challenge you to take pictures of things you normally wouldn’t think interesting enough to take pictures of!  Let me show you.

Door handles are good – this is a close-up made black and white after.

This?  This is a BBQ implement – one part of a pair of tongs.  And yes, there are macro and post production going on here.

Nothing more humble than toast!  Nothing special needed.

This is my nemesis at the gym – the sandbag.  Haven’t been back in awhile.  I have to get back there!

A napkin – why not?

Thanks for visiting my Letter H, A to Z Challenge post.  You can find links to more blogs participating in this challenge at Letter H, A to Z Challenge Master List (Google Docs).  Stay tuned for I is for… Tomorrow!!





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  1. Humble toast. Goodness toast is underrated. 🙂

  2. so artistic – I love your humble subjects.

  3. Yes! Beauty is everywhere if you take the time to look…

  4. Nice shots! Nice challenge, too… make the ordinary extraordinary. I like to find new perspectives in this way. #AtoZChallenge

  5. Once again, I love the b/w photos.

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