Just Jot it January: January 5

Today’s prompt word is Memories (https://lindaghill.com/2018/01/05/jusjojan-daily-prompt-january-5th-2018/), and is “brought to you by friendly “gender undefined female” (click to read the post) Cage Dunn, is “Memories.” Use it any way you’d like in your post. And make sure you visit Cage at Cage’s blog, “Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-Tall-Tales” to read her post and say hi! Here’s Cage’s blog: https://cagedunn.wordpress.com/ “.  These Jots are not only my 500-words a day challenge, but also part of my  Ultimate Blogging Challenge challenge (http://ultimateblogchallenge.com).


What is it some people say – the memory is the second thing to go?  Oh wait.  The prompt is “memories”.  I think memories are funny things, aren’t they?  Most people, in my experience, don’t remember things all that accurately.  Close your eyes and think about a memory you have of an experience.  Then find someone who was also present during this experience and compare your memory of it to theirs.  Chances are your recollections will be different.  Look at eyewitness accounts of crimes.  One person remembers a tall dark-haired man in a red jacket, and another remembers a shirt bald guy in a T-shirt. Crazy!  And not just because the witnesses may have been standing in different places observing the event.  Perspective and context go beyond the physical.  If you remember someone saying something in an “angry” tone, someone else will remember it as being “desperate” or “ironic”.  And the life experiences people have had also add to their pile of memories.

I am not sure what I am trying to say, or where I am going with this prompt.  Just that our memories are not like physical objects, although we seem to like to think they are concrete.  We say that memories are long or short, and we can walk down memory lane.  But really, memories are fluid, and change with time and additional experiences.  Just as you have probably noticed that often one person will remember an event differently from another person (sometimes, for example, Kevin and I will each have very different recollections of what someone said in the past.  Of course, my recollection is the right one), even you yourself will remember an event differently today than you will next month.  This is one of the reasons I want to try journaling.  I imagine it would be quite interesting looking back at your experience as recorded immediately, and comparing it to what it looks like in your memory.

One thing I have been thinking about lately too is: how much memory capacity do we actually have?  When do our brains get so full that stuff starts leaking out?  Can our hard drive ever be so full?  Do we sometimes need to reformat and start over?  There are some days I sure feel like it.  I guess that’s one of the reason I used Google Calendar, my to-do list on the phone, my work Outlook calendar. If something isn’t written down for me, it doesn’t get done.  I don’t understand people who don’t use or look at their calendars.  Sometimes I send calendar invites to people at work to finalize meeting arrangements, and sometimes they don’t accept.  Then I’m left wondering:  did they get it?  Or do they just not like commitment?  Will they remember and come anyway? Sigh…

So thanks for the memories.  All alone in the moonlight, they light the corners of my mind.  Those crazy hazy days when all my troubles seemed so far away and rock was young.  Unforgettable, the memories remain.  And don’t you forget about me, because I will remember you.

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  1. Hi,
    I have been taking pictures to help me remember some of the places I have visited. Now when I look back at them I have difficulty remembering where I was when I took it. #ubc is helping me to recreate the link and add a few words to explain the pictures. It also gets me doing some research to verify that what I am saying has some fact to it. Now I know more about a place that when I was actually there.
    Blog On (y)

  2. one thing that has changed for me, is i used to remember phone numbers and even addresses before, now i remember where i have stored that data on my computer or phone 🙂 and memories do tend to change over time… kind of like a game of telephone 🙂

  3. Everything in my life gets put on a calendar or a to do list, or I seem to forget about it. Perhaps my memory just isn’t wired to remember things like this (that, or I’m losing it – I’m going to go with the former!).

  4. It’s true about memories. Strangely, The Mister and I tend to remember things the same. Now and again, I’ll meet up with someone I was young around and they’ll tell me something they remember that I don’t, and I just say, “Don’t remember, but sounds like me.”
    I do think we have data slippage. Out with the old and in with the new. Muscle memory seems to work best.
    I’m a paper calendar person at home. BIG calendar. Very important. I may remember there’s a thing, but what? where? what time?

  5. for sure my ‘hard drive’ gets full and I have to dump info (intentional or not)! Some things just go right in and then right out. Like having to memorize and pass the morse code test every 5 years. I’ve NEVER had to use the morse code in over 45 years at sea. No one else uses it anymore either. I figure if I ever do need to use it, I can use the code book that’s still required to be onboard. Just one example of useless information filling up the ‘hard drive’. 😉

  6. Memory can be so subjective sometimes!

    But, like you, between my spouse and I, my memory is always the correct one. 😀

    A journal will help a lot with memories! I encourage you to jump in! I kept one when I was a young girl, then stopped (which I dearly regret) for many years. This is my year to re-engage with journalling in a more real and determined way. 🙂

    Have you ever heard of Morning Pages? I’d like to try that, too. 🙂

    And in case I haven’t wished you one already (that memory thing, lol) Happy New Year! ) <3

  7. it is funny how two eyewitnesses to a thing that happened can have different recall of it. Then you wonder how reliable either one is, because it may have been different from either one. … I’m bad about remembering things, so have to write it down, such as the time I took my medicines every day. This is on paper. I don’t think I’ve ever used the phone calendar.

    • I can’t live without my ToDo app. It can be synced to my iPad too, so unless I don’t open it (which sometimes happens) I can’t forget anything!

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