Christmas Special (2017) Writing Prompt #10

Welcome to Our Random View’s Christmas Special Writing Prompts.  Today’s theme – Snow for Christmas? (

Have I ever had a snowing Christmas?  I lived in Saskatchewan for most of my life.  So, yes.  Big snow, big snow storms, big shoveling, big coldness.

But, we have even had snowy Christmases here.  One in particular had Kevin stuck here on Christmas Eve (I had left early to go back to Saskatchewan for Christmas, and he was following on the 24th).  They don’t have a lot of snow plows here, and really don’t know how to use the ones they have.  So, he had to wait until the 25th, but thanks to West Jet getting all their customers taken care of in spite of massive cancellations, he made it!

Here’s what it looked like out at our place that day.

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  1. I think it’s easier for me to discuss the Christmases where we haven’t had snow!

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