Tuesday Photo Challenge – Curve

Here is Dutch Goes the Photo’s (https://dutchgoesthephoto.net) Tuesday photo Challenge.  This week’s topic is:   Curve (https://dutchgoesthephoto.net/2017/03/14/tuesday-photo-challenge-curve/).

“Since today is Pi day (3/14), I thought that something that relates to Pi might be appropriate.  Hence, your challenge theme this week is Curve.  Curves are everywhere in the world around us, from leading curves in a great landscape to the beautiful curves of a car.  As always, feel free to be creative in your interpretation of the theme, and be sure to put your best effort into creating something evocative in your images.  There should be plenty of curves all around for you to capture and present in a novel way.”

Here’s a few spring curves for you…


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  1. These are beautiful <3 Good contribution, Emily. That purple flower is GORGEOUS!
    Have a great rest of your Sunday. Love, Debbie

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