Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Crawling or Flying

For this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:  Crawling or Flying (https://ceenphotography.com/2017/02/07/cees-fun-foto-challenge-crawling-or-flying/)

“This week the topic is Crawling or Flying.  Flying is pretty obvious anything from a bird, plane, balloon, a ball being thrown, etc.  If I think of a baby crawling, they are using their arms and legs.  So I would extend this to mean any 4 legged animal.  Crawling can even mean slow moving so anything from a huge earth mover to a snail works.  I think with all of our creativity, we can come up with a lot for this challenge. Use your imagination if you want for this theme.  The thing is to have a lot of fun with this challenge.”

From a few years back – I was surprised at the quality my iPhone got!!

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  1. Love the take on the topic! 😃

  2. Very good and clear photos! 🙂

  3. These are terrific air photos. Wonderful 😀

  4. Congratulations! I have selected this post to be featured on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.
    I sure hope your week is off to a great start.

  5. Cool! These photos are great!

  6. Great shots of great formations!

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