Christmas Writing Prompt #15 – Christmas Decorations

Day 15 of the Christmas Writing Prompt (at


This year?  Pretty normal.  We don’t have house lights, although we think about it every year.  The excuse (when we lived in Regina) used to be that we waited too long and it was now too cold to put them up.  Now, we just never get around to it (plus, we don’t own lights and would need to decide on just the right ones!)  As for decorations inside, the living room has some garland and cards, the dining room is done up (since that’s where we have Christmas dinner), and of course the foyer has our tree.


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  1. It looks like a perfect amount of decorations to me! (And besides, if you put up too many, you have to take them all down!)

  2. Bee-autiful! I love the garlands on the fireplaces 🙂 Looks perfect to me!

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