Christmas Writing Prompt #12 – Favourite Christmas Memory

Day 12 of the Christmas Writing Prompt (at


My favourite Christmas memory is singing Oh Holy Night at the RCMP Chapel in Regina.  I did that for several years when a friend’s father was the chaplain there.  They stopped doing Christmas Eve services there many years ago, but I still remember those beautiful services in that lovely little chapel.

rcmp_church  rcmp_church2,_Depot_Division#Chapel

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  1. That song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. My most favorite Christmas hymn.

  2. Man I love that song. Three little girls sang it the other night at the concert and I’ve been hearing it ever since.
    Fall on your knees… Non-Christians who love hymns, that’s a thing, right? Beautiful tune.

  3. As a minister’s daughter this chimes with me.

  4. One of my favorite songs/carols too. A lovely setting to hear it, too!

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