Christmas Countdown Day 1 – Ornament #1

Megan’s Log at Our Random View is doing a Christmas Countdown (, so I thought that would be cool.  I think she is doing a different topic every day for December, but I think I am going to do ornaments.  So, a Christmas Countdown of my favourite Christmas Tree ornaments for your viewing pleasure!

We have many tree ornaments that have a special place in my heart – for some of those, I confess, I can’t really remember their stories, but I know they are special.  Some day I will learn the value of writing down these stories when I get them (to be perfectly honest, this same issue applies to pretty much everything in my life…)

Anyhoo, here is an ornament whose origin I do remember – the cold and flu viruses from Judy!  Judy is also the creator of the Zombie Flamingo gracing this blog (and the inspiration for it!)  She is an animator extraordinaire, and has an incredibly creative brain.  I am sure this ornament was the result of some animation she was working on, but it does seem to me that a cold and flu virus in December is pretty apropos!  (I should also mention that this ornament is tricky to shoot when it’s hanging from the tree…)



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