NaNoPoblano Introduction (day before it begins…)

The other day I was thinking of NaNoWriMo, and suddenly remembered NaNoPoblano from last November.  Took me a few minutes, but I found it!  Team Cheerpeppers for National Blog Posting Month at

Now, I already blog every day, but I am looking at this challenge for three things.  First, to introduce some new photo-related weekly posts.  Second, to start a new series, which shall continue beyond November, called “Welcome to James Bay!”.  And third, to introduce a bit more writing into my posts.  Oh, and in addition, I will also be attempting to participate in the 30 Days of Thankfulness (  Why?  Why not??  Basically I have a “plan” to see what happens this month as long as I post every day and try some new things!

So, a range of new things to try for November.  Hopefully some of you will try the NaNoPoblano/National Blog Posting Month challenge too!!

Now, back to watching Hallowe’en!



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  1. Good luck in your endeavors. I look forward to seeing your posts.

  2. It took me forever to find the sign up page! It was fun last year, and I wanted to do this again. Your blogging plans sound great! I’ll look forward to reading!

  3. That’s a spooky picture, you know! It made my neck tingle, that creeped out kind of tingle.

    Ok, I’m game for the NaNoPoblano thingy. I’m planning to blog every day anyway at least once a day every day until (and hopefully beyond) next July 1.

    Do they have written instructions on what they expect? I don’t generally watch videos because it is easier for me to understand what I read than what I hear usually.

    Do I need a theme for this?

    I’m off to grab the badge to put in my sidebar (if it will fit). Have a blessed evening!

    • Hey! Just the best scene from Hallowe’en which sends shivers up my spine every time! As for NaNoPoblano, I think anything goes! See you there 🙂

      • Michael & Halloween…both funny and terrifying memories with that one. One involving “Michael” waiting in my hospital room after my tonsillectomy (age 16) and 4 years later while great with child and the IV with my blood draining out (like it did on Halloween 2 when Michael killed the person at the hospital). I can’t help but wonder where he’ll show up next. haha
        Thank you. Now, so long as my 30 Days of Thanksgiving posts can count for the NaNoPoblano, then I’m set for November. 🙂
        This should be fun!

  4. Looking forward to your November posts!

  5. I so admire your discipline!

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