Fountain Friday – July (Stone Fountains)

Oh, I just can’t get enough of trying new photo challenges.  And with today being my first day off for a couple of weeks (did I mention I was starting vacation today??), what the heck?

This is Fountain Friday, a weekly challenge with a monthly theme from Polianthus (  This month, the theme is Stone Fountains (

And here is a link to Polianthus’ post for this week:

On my walk today, I was specifically thinking about this theme, so here are a couple of fountains, fresh off the camera, so to speak.  Both found in Beacon Hill Park (which was a zoo this morning, just so you know…)



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  1. That tree stump fountain is super cool!!! 😃

  2. Nice! I don’t know where I’d even find a fountain within 5 miles! lol

  3. petrified tree stump? Great fountain -love it. Thanks so much for joining in, lovely to have you. Make the most of your vacation 🙂 Poli

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