Running for Bacon – back on track??

Why, oh why, has it been so hard to get back on track with my running?  I have tried on and off for months now to start again, but it seems all I do is start.  So, here’s me starting again.  With a new program starting me slow (more a walk/run) and let’s see if I can get somewhere this time.

So, yesterday I did a 4 minute walk/1 minute run for 6 intervals, traveling down towards Clover Point and then turning around back home.  Here are some pictures I took during my walking moments. I don’t know how I will take pictures if I ever cut out the walking breaks…








With views like this, who would ever NOT go out running??

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  1. Gorgeous! I’m also doing a run/walk program (hoping to do a half-marathon in late October, so I really need to get my sh*t together, lol).

  2. I am also struggling A LOT to get back on my run.. Last year I was doing 10k runs 3/4 times a week now the last time I’ve run was about 3 weeks ago about 5k and I almost died 😂 with views like that I wouldn’t bother run I would just walk.. Veryyyyy sloooowwwllllyyyyyyy 🐌 😂

  3. Me. I wouldn’t run. But oh, how I would walk 🙂

  4. Agreed. Going back is so darn hard. I’ve just gone back to running this week after 8 months off. Managed to run 6km on Monday (very slowly) but my legs didn’t like me much the next day. Still ran another 5km on Tuesday (even more slowly) but I’ve had to give them a rest yesterday and today. Hopefully I can get back out tomorrow but it’s winter here and my views aren’t anywhere near as enticing as yours.

    • I can’t conceive of running two days in a row yet!! I’m only going for a walk today (gotta walk to make sure I can take all the pictures I need to for the day…well, not “need” so much, although it is becoming a bit of an obsession…) Hope your legs are happier today!!

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