Wednesday’s Walk

Surprise!  Another morning post from me.  I used my avoidance post for Kitten Thursday and realized that I also needed (yes, needed) to post pictures of my walk yesterday, which I took during my lunch hour.  I don’t know if I will walk today or not.  I am not feeling great today (headache, feeling a bit under the weather…) so I better give you some walk pictures while I can!

It was a cloudy and breezy day.  A little on the cooler side, compared to what it has been (and in fact, it rained last night – I was wrong Susan).

Here I am heading down into the Uplands neighbourhood.  It is about 1 km to get there from work, along a busy and noisy street, but once in Uplands, it’s pretty quiet.  That’s important so I can hear my music playing while I walk.  Walk in silence?  That’s just crazy talk.


Yes, there were a few of these guys along the way, keeping watch on my suspiciously.


And Rhodos everywhere – not quite as suspicious as the deer.  Some of them are done now, but some are fresh (and many are huge!)




These ones are done, but pretty in another way now.


Then there were trees to look at





And flowers (other than rhodos)





And stairs and fences.  I think I need to start taking pictures of all the different kinds of fences and gates I see.  Sounds like a new challenge!



And meadows


And a posing butterfly!


Thanks for joining me on my walk 🙂

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  1. This was a beautiful walk. Definitely more gates and fences.

  2. You have such pretty and interesting things to see on you walks! 🙂 I enjoy seeing them.

  3. I love the pictures you post. They make your narrative even more engaging 😀

  4. Gorgeous! You are lucky to have all that to see in your lunch hour.

  5. Love those! I remember Rhodies from when I grew up in Calif, so that brought back memories. 🙂

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