Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 23 – Season

Trying a new challenge today.  Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  This is, apparently, Week 23, and the theme this week is Season (

I thought I would show a couple of interpretations of “season”, the first, my food from brunch with a couple of friends a few weeks back where you can see the seasoning.  BTW, it was delicious!


And, signs of the changing seasons, as much as they ever change here in Victoria.  That’s the Victoria in British Columbia, Canada!  Here is:  when we know spring is here.



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  1. I mean I was hungry already, but now I can feel my stomach growling. Yummy looking picture! Too bad I don’t have time to make that for dinner now 😕

  2. Yeah the brunch picture! Now I have to eat. Great shot if it makes us all hungry.

  3. What a lovely looking dish of food. I bet it tasted delicious.
    Thank you for joining us in my weekly photo challenge.
    Best wishes,

  4. I knew where BC was, because when I was a girl growing up in California, I had some school friends who vacationed up there. But I wasn’t sure exactly of where you were, and have been a tiny bit jealous because your weather is awesome, and I couldn’t figure out how you could have Spring earlier in Canada than I could in IL.

    Thanks to Google, I see that you are practically a hop, skip, and a jump from Seattle! Now I know why you’re weather is nicer than mine, even though you’re in Canada. 🙂 I didn’t realize the island came down so far.

    So, I’m still a bit jealous. But at least now I know why. 😉

    • Victoria is a strange place – we have weird micro-climates here so I can be at home (near downtown) and have warmer temps and no snow, then head to work (going uphill) and find fog, snow, and colder temps. I am not complaining though – I come from Saskatchewan, which has the coldest winters ever!

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