A to Z Challenge: N is for Night Photography

Welcome to today’s post for the great Blogging A to Z Challenge!

Today is N is for Night Photography.

If this was film, I would have done N is for Negative.  But it’s not.  Now, I’ve already talked a bit about night photo settings, so I am going to explore them a bit more here.  I will keep it short.  My last two posts have been pretty long!

So, a few tips I found out there in the Interwebs:

  • Use a tripod (sorry, don’t have one…)
  • Use an aperture number of F/8 to F/16
  • Use a higher ISO
  • Use longer exposure time (slower shutter speed).  Thus a tripod would come in handy…


So, let’s try a few night/darkness photos using some of the settings I’ve already talked about.

Night Portrait (auto)

NightPortrait3 NightPortrait2

Flash Off (auto)

FlashOff2 FlashOff1

Manual mode – some night shots.  Note that it’s hard to focus in the dark!!

No flash


With flash


No flash (just candlelight)

ManualNoFlash4 ManualNoFlash3

Here are some sites with tips and tricks for your enjoyment!

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  1. Your pics turned out pretty good!

    I tried the night setting on my phone camera once for some pics of the moon. I got a white, zig-zaggy blobby thing.

    So, the fact that it’s clear what you were taking pictures of is pretty doggone good in my book!

    • Thanks! The moon, however, would have been an entirely different thing. I think you need a lot of zoom for the moon!

      • Oh boy you’re not kidding! I’ve read you need at least a 400 mm lens for a DSLR camera for good moon shots. The moon just laughs at my little phone camera!

  2. I always love pictures of fire and flames. That bear candleholder makes it look like they’re gathering to make an important decision, like when hibernation commences or which human to eat first.
    @DoreeWeller from
    Doree Weller’s Blog

    • Me too! Interesting you saw them as bears. They are cats, but I can see how they look like bears in the picture. I think your thought around them considering which human to eat first still applies though!

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