Days getting longer…

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Yesterday was Monday.  Seems so far away now.  And yet, today is only Tuesday.  But it’s not Monday.  Although, yesterday wasn’t all that bad.  It was sometimes sunny during the day, and it was light when I went to work AND still light when I went home from work (in fact, I was still wearing sunglasses!)

This was the view yesterday morning when I went to work




I also went for a hilly walk at lunchtime yesterday.  It was one of the same walks I did last week, so not much has changed with regards to what there is to take pictures of, but here is a little randomness.

It looks like there may have been a party along the way…random bits of glittery-ness on the side of the road.




And, of course, the confirmation of the rural setting with horse poop along the way.  I don’t see this during my “city” walks!


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  1. In Williams Lake is was always deer and bear poop. In Edmonton, it’s rabbit poop.
    We’re all noticing the return of the light too. I think this means we’re gonna make it 🙂

  2. Love your rebellion! You must be an interesting character! Good job-Cheers Nicole

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