Colour Your World: Atomic Tangerine

Today’s Colour Your World is Atomic Tangerine (

Wow – Atomic Tangerine!  Who knew?  I love it!

Here are the pictures that match what I see as Atomic Tangerine 🙂

Ok. the first one may not technically be “Atomic” tangerine, but the colour swatch did remind me of the colour our house USED to be, and I would rather call it “atomic tangerine” than salmon (I should also mention that I am really happy it’s NOT that colour any more…not that’s there anything wrong with atomic tangerine, just maybe not this shade on an entire house…)


CY365 February 1 2014


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  1. Atomic Tangerine is a much more exciting color than Salmon.

    Imagine the conversation starters!

    “I live in the salmon house.”

    Person on other end of the phone thinking: “Um, the salmon house? Is it, like, shaped like a salmon? Does it smell like salmon? Gosh, do I even ask?”


    “I live in the atomic tangerine house.”

    Person on the other end of the phone, “Gee, is that safe?” Both laugh hysterically.

  2. P.S. I will be linking back in my Atomic Tangerine posting on Friday due to your wonderful Atomic Tangerine Cat Coven!

  3. Cat forces, unite around the flame!

  4. These are great! I love the cats 🙂

  5. Love your house, atomic tangerine or not. Reminds me of the first house we owned. It was in a tight neighborhood just out of the city center. We loved living in that kinda neighborhood, everything within walking distance, restaraunts and pubs on every corner, eclectic. Miss it some days

    • Thanks! We are in a similar kind of neighbourhood. We can walk downtown or to the ocean, and we have a little village area with pubs, shops, etc. around the corner. I love it!

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