Colour Your World: Aquamarine

Today’s Colour Your World is Aquamarine (

Aquamarine is hard.  Is it blue?  Is it green?  Is that teal or turquoise?  I don’t know anymore!!

Well, here goes nothing…two pictures from the past, and one from tonight’s run.




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  1. Wait, a blue alligator! Is there a story there??

  2. These are great. So a fake alligator? It looks so real. And are those ornaments in the tree? Love them.

  3. I have noticed there are so many variations of this color, all called something different. What is the top picture of? It’s really pretty and shiny!

  4. Aquamarine is one of my favorite colors. I love these, but especially the perspective on the first one.

  5. Oooh, I love the first one — Is that a drinking glass? That’s a gorgeous shot!

  6. For someone claims to not even know what the topic color IS, you seem to have captured it awfully well! Lovely!

  7. Great images, especially the first one. I love the perspective on the wine glass. 🙂

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